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The Lifeline Ankle/Wrist Attachment is an interchangeable resistance cables accessory designed to use in connection with your Lifeline Resistance Cables for isolating hard-to-train areas of the body.  The Ankle/Wrist Attachments incorporate Lifeline’s patented, easy to use, interchangeable process to add/subtract resistance cables which allow the user to increase/decrease peak resistance from 10lb to 100lb.

Attach to either your ankle or wrist and connect a Lifeline Resistance Cable to isolate and target muscles all over the body: upper body, core and lower body.  Attach to your wrist as an alternative to one of our handles to take stress off your hand/finger joints while performing upper body or core strengthening exercises.  Attach to your ankle to increase lower body strength or train for explosive movements.  Often used in connection with some of the other Lifeline resistance items such as the Train Station Doorway Gym, Lifeline Door Anchor or any of the Variable Resistance Kits.

The Ankle/Wrist Attachments are adjustable in size for a safe and secure fit and they are padded for comfort.  Made using heavy duty nylon material in the construction to meet the demands of gyms, studios or a home.

 Use with Lifeline’s patented Progressive Resistance System which uses a simple interchangeable process to add/subtract weighted resistance. Lifeline’s Resistance Cables are color-coded to easily identify resistance level (10lb -100lb peak resistance) and designed for interchangeability whereas the cable’s plugged ends safely, securely and easily fit into all Lifeline’s patented resistance handles and attachments.  By interchanging the resistance level from 10lb – 100lb peak resistance you can progress in strength or vary your exercises based on desired weight level.



  • Secure, padded straps for comfort and safety
  • Innovative, patented cable pocket design allows for easy resistance changes
  • Designed to fit ankle or wrist for exercise versatility


  • Build muscle and aerobic capacity simultaneously
  • Constant load shifting works stabilizer muscles
  • Great alternative to limiting gym machines
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