Jungle Gym XT Extension

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Durable and pliant, these industrial-strength Jungle Gym XT Extension Straps add 8 feet to each side of the Jungle Gym XT to reach higher anchor points for increased suspension training opportunities and more complete workouts. Simply attach the top of the Extension Strap to a secure anchor point using the integrated cinch loop attachment then attach the Jungle Gym XT Non-Scuff Door Anchors through the bottom loop.

Length: Our uniquely designed adjustment system allows you to quickly extend your Jungle Gym XT up to an additional 8ft. Connect to a secure anchor point in your home, studio or gym and easily adjust to appropriate height.

High Quality Construction: Industrial-strength suspension straps and secure, adjustable inline buckles, made from DuPont Zytel™, are built for punishing commercial use.


Includes instructional brochure for easy application.


  • Industrial-strength suspension straps for punishing commercial use
  • DuPont Zytel™ cam buckles for secure and quick length adjustments
  • Velcro excess strap-wraps for safe, easy installation


  • Lengthens Jungle Gym straps
  • Easy to install at home or gym
  • Allows for more variety in resistance training
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