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Unleash the potential of your pull-up bar with the Lifeline Pullup Revolution PRO, adjustable pull-up assistance system. Improve arm, shoulders, and chest strength with assisted pull ups and chin ups. Build stabilizer muscles in abs and back with planks, pushups and knee ups!

The Pullup Revolution PRO assists in pullup efficiency by allowing you to perform more, higher quality reps with proper form than before. You can do extra reps past muscle exhaustion to develop that V-shaped torso, broad shoulders, and narrow waist.

The Pullup Revolution PRO has a patented design that allows you to easily add or subtract from 1 to 3 cables for adjustable assistance up to 100 pounds of your body weight. Just remove cables from the patented 3-in-1 cable pocket to decrease the assistance level while you get progressively stronger. The Heavy Duty Bar Hook attaches easily to a pull-up bar and ensures a secure connection while the integrated strap lock allows fast strap height


Utilize the Cardio Belt to perform core & full body training exercises such as assisted pushups, planks and other on-floor movements. Attach to your waist to work on explosive lower body movements such as resisted jumps, sprints, side shuffle and others.

The Pull-up Revolution PRO will take you from any starting fitness level to above and beyond the bar by opening up an entirely new level of bar exercises, allowing you to sculpt and strengthen more muscles than ever before.

ADD OR SUBTRACT ASSISTANCE: Easily Add or Subtract secure cables from 1 to 3 cables to vary assistance by quickly unhooking cables. Lifeline patented 3-in-1 cable pocket design allows a user to simply add or subtract cables, thus altering the assistance level. Progressively get stronger and decrease the assistance over time.

HEAVY DUTY BAR HOOK AND ADAPTER attaches easily to a pull up bar and ensures a secure connection. The hook also includes an integrated adjustable strap lock which allows fast strap height adjustment. The included Bar Adapter allows you to hook onto any diameter fixed/secure bar, allowing more anchoring options.


  • Three 16” Resistance Cables -R6-60lb Resistance Level
  • Three 16” Resistance Cables- R8-80lb Resistance Level
  • One foot stirrup with 3-in-1 cable pocket
  • One bar attachment hook with adjustable strap and cable pockets
  • Cardio Belt
  • Bar Adapter

PROGRESSIVE LAYERING TECHNOLOGY – Made using of durable natural latex using Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology™ to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cable. Lifeline’s Resistance Cables provide continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of motion to build strength and endurance.

LIFELINE RESISTANCE CABLES - Use with Lifeline’s Progressive Resistance Systems for resistance level interchangeability; the cable’s plugged ends safely, securely and easily fit into all Lifeline’s patented resistance handles. Each cable is color coded by weight (10lb – 100lb) for quick resistance level identification during interchange and are five feet (5ft) long to accommodate a wide variety of exercises for everyone from beginners to advance users.

PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE SYSTEM- Build a custom cable system with Lifeline’s patented Progressive Resistance System. Lifeline Resistance Cables are color-coded to easily identify resistance level (10lb -100lb peak resistance) and our patented handles incorporate a simple interchangeable process to add/subtract weighted resistance.

Product Contains Latex


  • Three cable design allows for increase/decrease of resistance
  • Webbed belt for assisted push-up exercises
  • Durable, non-slip stirrup for secure foot placement


  • Strengthen upper body and core and improve pull up form
  • Do extra reps past muscle exhaustion
  • Gain assistance throughout entire motion
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