Lifeline Foam Roller


  • Foam Muscle Roller: This roller is perfect for muscle recovery after a home workout or gym session. It helps decrease recovery time and muscle soreness.
  • Body Rollers for Muscles : Use this foam roller for recovery and flexibility. It's great for massaging and relaxing muscles after a workout. Increase your gains by shortening recovery time!
  • Massage Roller : Our foam roller is a must-have piece of exercise equipment for any home gym. It's perfect for massaging muscles and improving flexibility.
  • Massager and Roller: Get the ultimate muscle recovery with this massage bar and roller. A fantastic aid to help you recover from hard workouts.
  • Home Workout and Massage Equipment: This foam roller is a great addition to your home gym. Use it for exercise, massage, and recovery to improve your body's performance.


Using a foam roller pre- and post-workout can relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce inflammation, and improve recovery. Made from high-density foam for the perfect combination of firmness and give, at 24-inches long it can handle big and small body parts.

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