Lifeline Power Pushup


  • Power Pushup Resistance Training: Get a full upper body workout with up to 90lbs of resistance for your home gym workout. Adjustable strap allows for up to 24 different resistance settings.
  • Agility and Speed Training Equipment: Improve your agility and speed with this resistance trainer, perfect for work from home fitness or gym equipment.
  • Home Resistance Trainer for Effective Workouts: Stay fit while working from home with this versatile exercise equipment. Perfect for home gym and easy storage.
  • Durable, High-Quality Equipment: The Power Pushup is made to last, Made from durable materials, providing a great workout for boxing, home gym, or work from home fitness.
  • Versatile Trainer for Upper Body Workout: This pushup trainer is perfect for a variety of exercises, including resistance training and agility work, making it a great addition to any home gym.

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Increasing strength with body weight alone can sometimes be a challenge.  Adding resistance to pushups is a great way to increase the difficulty of the movement and grow your gains. The Power Pushup Plus not only protects the wrist from hyperextension and adds resistance during the classic bodyweight workout, but also extends the exercise's range of motion for better muscle growth, improved strength and deeper stretch. The combination of handles and resistance bands also makes it a great travel resistance tool that functions equally well for pushing and pulling exercises to achieve a full body workout that can be adjusted to fit all fitness levels. 

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