Max Flex Cable Kit

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Available in 5 resistance levels, the Max Flex Cable Kit is the perfect tool for continuously challenging your muscles with the constant tension of resistance cable training. By using your feet and hands as anchors and changing resistance cables for different exercises or as fitness levels increase, you'll achieve a full body strength training workout that also boosts flexibility and balance through low-impact exercises. It's also great for rehabbing injuries and warming up muscles before games and cardio training.

Resistance Levels Include:

    R2 - 20 lbs - Purple

    R3 - 30 lbs - Pink

    R4 - 40 lbs - Magenta

    R5 - 50 lbs - Orange

    R7 - 70 lbs – Yellow

Kit Includes: Max Flex Handles; Resistance Cable-4ft length and Instruction Chart

Product Contains Latex


  • Max Flex handles for comfort and traction
  • Layered cable construction for optimum durability and function
  • 20-70 lbs. peak resistance on each side


  • Changeable resistance levels to prevent fitness plateaus
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to portable and lightweight design
  • Great for high intensity training thanks to quick addition/removal of cables
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