Lifeline Grip All Handles


  • Resistance tube training provides more dynamic functional movement patterns
  • Provides continuous tension to muscles being trained
  • Vary resistance level to challenge all muscle groups
  • Patented design allows interchanging of Lifeline's R1-R4 resistance cable levels
  • Can be used with standard non-loop flat bands


Take advantage of the more functional movement patterns and the continual tension—which emphasizes the concentric and eccentric portions of each movement—you get with resistance bands and cables with these interchangeable grip handles. Great for rehabilitation exercises or travel workouts, the grip ball can be locked when performing secure and safe movements and unlocked to quickly add to bands or cables of different resistance levels for a varied workout.
  • Patented Impinger Ball Design
  • Quickly adjust length of resistance cable or flat band
  • Length adjustability provides more workout options
  • Versatile resistable cable handles
  • Easily portable

Workout Focus

Constant Tension

Provides continuous tension to muscles being trained

Vary Resistance Levels

Challenge all muscle groups

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