Econo Shoulder Pulley Deluxe

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The Econo Shoulder Pulley Deluxe is a specifically-designed pulley system that stimulates circulation and increases shoulder strength, motion and flexibility. By opening up the chest and loosening the muscles in your back, neck and arms, this physical therapy tool with safety features like a metal door attachment and non-slip handles treats chronic pain and the repetitive strain from sitting and helps rehab rotator cuff injuries.

Great for assisting in the treatment of shoulder pain, repairing rotator cuff injuries and increasing the range of motion needed for athletic and functional performance, the Lifeline Econo Shoulder Pulley Deluxe gets the blood flowing to your muscles and joints. Specifically designed to increase range of motion and prevent shoulder and upper body pain and stiffness; this shoulder pulley will help you regain overhead motion after injury and gain strength, motion and flexibility. Using this Lifeline Econo Shoulder Pulley Deluxe will assist in increasing joint mobility and stability as well as developing more efficient motor patterns.

The innovative design and quality make the rehabilitation process easier and more efficient for the patient. Its patented handle includes the Assistive Grip Attachment which is designed to provide support to the joints and decrease strain. The handles design also makes the rehabilitation process easier due to the quick adjustability of length; move from exercise to exercise with ease of adjustment quickly.

ECONO HANDLE DESIGN- This patented handle includes our Assistive Grip Attachment to decrease joint strain. The handle allows you to quickly adjust to the perfect length by simply locking the red ball in place against the braided nylon cord.

QUICK ADJUST LENGTH- Quickly adjust the length of the 7 foot braided nylon cord to fit your height and range of motion and move between exercises with ease.

ASSISTIVE GRIP ATTACHMENT- Our patented and doctor recommended assistive grip attachment comfortably holds the hand in place and provides support to the joints and help decrease strain.

SMOOTH ACTION PULLEY- Lifeline's smooth action pulley utilizes a high-quality metal axle and proprietary plastic material to reduce friction and withstand the high heat generated from heavy use, making this pulley ideal for home or rehabilitation clinic use.


  • Econo Handle with Assistive Grip Attachment
  • 7’ Braided Nylon Cord
  • Smooth Action Pulley with Anchor
  • Metal Door Anchor


  • Foam cushion assistive grip for comfort and safety
  • Smooth action pulley protects muscles and joints
  • Metal door bracket for easy use anywhere


  • Increases flexibility and range of motion in shoulder movement
  • Stretch and improve circulation in upper body muscles
  • Safely rehab shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
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