Lifeline Pro Resistance Training Kit


  • Builds full body strength through constant tension
  • Lightweight, portable alternative to free weights and machines
  • Controlled load great for injury rehab
  • Innovative patented cable pocket design securely holds cables' plugged ends
  • Bands are made from durable latex rubber to prevent breakage


The combination of six cables (10-60lb resistance in 10lb increments) and the ergonomically designed triple grip handles, which allow you to connect up to three different plugged cables at once, means this training kit gives you a wide range of resistance options perfect for use with a variety exercises to train the entire body. Featuring a door anchor and non-wear cable cradle to change resistance angles and allow for lateral, side and back training, this portable variable resistance tool builds the balanced and functional strength needed for safe injury rehabilitation, peak sports performance and improved fitness levels.

Workout Focus

Upper Body Training

Strengthen and sculpt chest, shoulders, back, and arms with a variety of exercises including presses, curls, rows, and/or extensions

Lower Body Training

Strengthen and sculpt thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with squats, lunges, extensions, curls, and shuffles

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