Pro Round Rubber Dumbbell - Individual - 5LB-120LB Available

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These high-quality dumbbells are sleek, stylish and versatile. The Lifeline Pro Round Rubber Dumbbells are available in weights from 5lb up to 120lb. The triple knurled chrome handles are ergonomically designed for a secure, comfortable grip and the rubber over-molded heads protect both your floor and the dumbbells while diminishing noise. The heads are welded to the handles to provide a stable, durable joint. The ends feature high-visibility weight markings for easy identification.

Handle Dimensions: 28mm, 32mm and 34mm diameter X 145mm long handles; knurled chrome is ergonomically designed for a secure, comfortable gripping surface.

Rubber Material: Made using premium, heavy duty virgin rubber encasing over weight heads. Weight increments are embossed in bold white for easy identification. Rubber will not scratch benches or flooring.

Available Weights: 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb, 65lb, 70lb, 75lb, 80lb, 85lb, 90lb, 95lb, 100lb, 105lb, 110lb, 115lb, and 120lb.


Weight Tolerance: +/-3%

Handle material: Chrome Plated

Rubber End Diameter:

  • 5lb - 10cm OD, 3.35cm Thick
  • 10lb - 11cm OD, 4.7cm Thick
  • 15lb - 12.7cm OD, 5.1cm Thick
  • 20lb - 14.2cm OD, 5.8cm Thick
  • 25lb - 15.2cm OD, 6cm Thick
  • 30lb - 16cm OD,6.85cm Thick
  • 35lb - 17cm OD, 6.75cm Thick
  • 40lb - 17.4cm OD, 7.2cm Thick
  • 45lb - 18.5cm OD, 7.2cm Thick
  • 50lb - 19.3cm OD, 7.1cm Thick
  • 55lb - 19.2cm OD, 7.85cm Thick
  • 60lb - 19.6cm OD, 8.25cm Thick
  • 65lb - 20cm OD, 8.85cm Thick
  • 70lb - 20cm OD, 9.75cm Thick
  • 75lb - 20cm OD,10.5cm Thick
  • 80lb - 20.5cm OD, 10.25cm Thick
  • 85lb - 20.5cm OD,11cm Thick
  • 90lb - 20.5cm OD, 11.5cm Thick
  • 95lb - 20.5cm OD, 12.15cm Thick
  • 100lb - 20.5cm OD, 12.65cm Thick
  • 105lb - 20.5cm OD, 13.25cm Thick
  • 110lb - 20.5cm OD, 14cm Thick
  • 115lb - 20.5cm OD, 14.3cm Thick
  • 120lb - 20.5cm OD, 14.5cm Thick

Durometer of Rubber: 88 Shore A

Handle Dia. x lengths

  • 5-10LB - 28mm Dia x 145MM
  • 15-50LB - 32mm Dia x 145MM
  • 55-120LB – 34mm Dia x 145MM


  • Rubber over-molded heads
  • Ergonomic triple knurled chrome handles
  • High-visibility weight markings


  • Noise-dampening
  • Protects floors, equipment and dumbbells
  • Tapered handles provide comfort for multiple holds
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