Cross Training Jump Rope


  • Easy access metal thumb screws for quick length adjustment
  • Wrapped handles for a secure, cushioned grip
  • Coated wire for fast rotation - perfect for double under training
  • Flexible tube protects wire cable against damage from floor strikes
  • High-speed bearings for max rotation speed

p65 image


The Lifeline Cross Training Jump Rope is a useful tool for anyone looking to improve coordination, strength, cardio fitness, and endurance. With it’s kink-free, coated cable and quick, easy length adjustability, it is a fantastic tool for users of all sizes and levels. High-speed bearings provide fast, smooth rotation and the wrapped handles absorb sweat for a sure, comfortable grip. A flexible tube naturally centers itself during use and protects the cable against floor strike damage. This jump rope is ideal for warm-up, cool-down, high-intensity and cross training.

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