Get an Edge

PER4M products are accessible, cutting-edge performance athletic training tools created to help you gain a competitive edge in your training. Our products were expertly designed to aid in the development, progression, and improvement of 4 key areas to athletic performance success:
Speed + Quickness + Agility + Power.

PER4M has purposefully designed tools to improve your game

FUNCTIONALITY that enhances speed and power
VERSATILITY for varied and progressive use
QUALITY that stands up and delivers
AFFORDABILITY that does not limit accessibility

Drills & Videos

In order for you to maximize your training with PER4M, our experts have developed custom drills to show you how to get the most out of each PER4M product. These drills show a wide variety of ways in which PER4M is the performance training choice for you to take your game to new levels.
View Speed & Agility training videos to learn more.