Improving Wellness Through Innovation

Since 1973, Lifeline has continuously developed revolutionary training tools that define the benchmark in professional grade products used for bodyweight, progressive variable resistance, functional fitness and athletic training as well as recovery and yoga.

As an industry leader, Lifeline offers a wide range of products to promote wellness; our portfolio of brands includes Lifeline, PER4M, Natural Fitness, Warrior and KettleWorX. We believe fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and means something different for everyone. Our mission is to provide what is needed to achieve Fitness for Life.

The Innovation Advantage

For us, innovation isn’t a buzzword—it’s a process central to everything we do. That relentless focus on bringing the best in design and functionality to our customers has resulted in consistently successful new product introductions, a product portfolio protected by more than 20 patents, and packaging and merchandising solutions distinguished by the well-informed buying experience they provide for consumers.