5' Resistance Cable


  • Can be used with any Lifeline cable pocket to vary resistance levels
  • Provide constant tension for greater muscle activation
  • Low impact strength training great for injury rehabilitation
  • Layered cable construction for optimum durability and function
  • Color-coded for quick and easy identification and interchange


Made by using Lifeline Fitness' Progressive Layering Technology™ to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cables, our five-foot Resistance Cables provide continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of your motion to build strength and endurance. Featuring plugged ends to safely, they securely and easily fit into Exchange Handles, each cable is color coded for quick identification during interchange and are five feet long to accommodate a wide variety of exercises for everyone from beginners to advance users.

  • 5ft long for more workout options
  • Change resistance levels quickly and easily
  • Portable for workouts on the go
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional weights
  • Use with multiple Lifeline Resisistance Accessories

Workout Focus

Constant Tension

Tension provides great muscle activation 

Vary Resistance Levels

Can be used with any Lifeline cable pocket

Rehab Injuries

Low impact strength training

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