The Step Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Set 35lbs with Dumbbell Bar, Collars, and Weights

SKU: F3067

  • Adjustable Dumbbell Set: This home gym equipment is perfect for strength training. The dumbbell weight set includes dumbbell bar, collars, and weights, making it the perfect adjustable weight set.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction: This gym equipment for weightlifting is made of durable heavy gauge steel, ensuring resistance and longevity. Powder coating increases durability.
  • 35lbs Weight Set: This weight set is perfect for home gym and workout set. With a total weight of 35lbs, this adjustable dumbbell set provides a great workout for any fitness level.
  • Strength Training Weights: This gym equipment includes strength training weights, making it perfect for those looking to increase their lifting capabilities.
  • Easy to Use and Store: This weight set is perfect for home gym and workout set. The dumbbell weights are easy to use and store, making it a great addition to any home gym equipment collection.


Introducing the Step Fitness Deluxe Dumbbell Set. This high-quality dumbbell set totals 35 lbs. and includes two 16” dumbbell bars, four collars, and eight weights (extra small – 2.75 lbs. and small – 5.5lbs.). The Step Fitness Deluxe Dumbbell Set is one of the most unique dumbbell sets on the market today, offering ample consumer friendly features. The two 16” bars are made of a heavy gauge steel to prevent the bar from bowing. Its environmentally friendly powder coating adds resistance and durability. Unlike other weight sets, these weights are designed like steering wheels with multiple grips making them easier to hold and giving the user expanded exercise options. Simply take the weights off the dumbbell sets and include additional exercises in your workout routine for a more versatile and complete workout. Quickly change out weight options on the bar with the Nylon quick-release collars. The collars are hinged, improving their locking functionality while making them easy to take on and off. The Step Fitness Deluxe Dumbbell Set is an essential addition to any workout routine.

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