Kettlebell Storage Rack


  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Home Gym Equipment: Our storage rack is crafted from heavy-gauge steel, ensuring durability and longevity. This weight rack is perfect, offering a safe and sturdy storage solution.
  • 500lb Capacity Gym Storage Rack: With a high capacity of 500 lbs, our gym storage rack can hold your entire collection of workout equipment. Perfect for Kettlebells, Dumbells, and other fitness items!
  • Versatile Kettlebell Rack Storage: With assembled dimensions of 24.61” W x 16” D x 22.64” H, this kettlebell rack storage can accommodate various sizes, making it a versatile addition!
  • Workout Equipment Storage Solution: Keep your workout space organized with our storage for workout equipment. It keeps your gym clutter-free while ensuring equipment safety, making your fitness routine more efficient.
  • Fitness Gear Equipment Storage Rack: Two 21” Wide X 8.5” Deep shelves hold even large kettlebells. Ideal for a home gym setup and is designed to provide a convenient and organized workout space.


Transform your home gym with Lifeline Fitness' premium Kettlebell Storage Rack, designed to cater to your fitness journey. Our top-of-the-line Kettlebell storage rack, a must-have piece of fitness equipment, is all about quality, convenience, and longevity. Made from heavy-gauge steel, this gym equipment is robust, offering a whopping 500lb capacity, and is perfect for home gym equipment storage. It is not just a weight rack, it's a game-changer. The Lifeline Fitness kettlebell storage rack is a versatile addition to your home gym, allowing you to store various workout equipment, not limited to kettlebells only. It provides organized storage for workout equipment, freeing up space and creating a clutter-free workout environment. Its compact design makes it an ideal storage solution for any home gym, big or small. This gym storage rack is meticulously designed to withstand high-intensity workouts. The heavy-gauge steel construction ensures it can bear the weight of your heaviest kettlebells and other gym equipment, while the 500lb capacity means you can keep all your fitness gear equipment in one place. The Lifeline Fitness kettlebell rack storage is not just about functionality, but also about aesthetics. It keeps your home gym tidy and organized, making your workout sessions more productive and enjoyable. No more scrambling to find the right workout equipment storage. Everything you need is in one place, easy to access, and ready to use. In conclusion, Lifeline Fitness' kettlebell storage rack is more than just a piece of gym equipment. It's a centerpiece for your home gym, a testament to your commitment to fitness, and a statement of your taste in quality. With this storage for workout equipment, your home gym will not just be a room with some weights, but a complete fitness studio. (Kettlebells not included.  Images depicting kettlebells are for example only.)

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