Lifeline Weighted Speed Rope


  • Tone muscles while building stamina
  • Build power for quickness and explosiveness
  • Improve agility needed for peak athletic performance
  • Easy-to-use sliding length adjusters
  • High-tech ball bearings in handle for smooth rotation


The weighted speed jump rope combines resistance and cardio training to develop upper body strength and physical endurance. Use a weighted jump rope to warm up muscles, for cross training double-unders, intense HIIT workouts and to improve coordination, agility, footwork and quickness. The Lifeline Weighted Speed Rope features .75 lb weight in the rope and high-tech ball bearings for smooth rotation to provide effective weighted jump rope training.

  • Personalize length quickly and easily for optimal results
  • Smooth handle rotation creates ergonomically correct grip
  • Weight in rope itself increases load to build strength and power
  • Continual motion develops aerobic stamina
  • High-tech ball bearings in handle for smooth rotation

Workout Focus

Upper Body Training

Strengthen and sculpt chest, shoulders, back, and arms with a variety of exercises including presses, curls, rows, and/or extensions

Lower Body Training

Strengthen and sculpt thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with squats, lunges, extensions, curls, and shuffles

See the Weighted Speed Rope in action

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