Lifeline Stretching Strap


  • High quality stretching strap: Increase your mobility and flexibility with this durable stitched nylon strap for physical therapy, yoga, and home workouts.
  • Versatile home exercise equipment: Use this stretching strap for pre-workout warmups, yoga practice, post-workout recovery, and more. The perfect addition for your overall fitness collection.
  • Loop design for easy stretching: The loop design of this yoga strap allows for comfortable and effective stretching of various muscle groups, with pockets for hand and foot placement.
  • Effective workout recovery tool: This recovery stretching strap is perfect for alleviating soreness and aiding in muscle recovery after tough workouts.
  • Multiple uses for stretching and exercise: With its high-quality construction, this strap is ideal for recovery from a wide variety of exercises.


Stretching is an integral part of working out.  Both pre- and post-workout, muscles need to be relaxed and lengthened, allowing for maximum growth and recovery. This unique Stretching Strap features comfort pockets specifically designed for grasping or foot placement to help you achieve deeper, more effective stretches, improve blood flow and ease muscle tension and tightness. The elastic material stretches with you to increase flexibility without overexerting muscles and tendons, which makes it a great tool to rehab injuries without aggravating them and to improve your fitness performance. Includes instructional chart. 

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