Lifeline Power Wheel


  • Increase balance, coordination, and stamina while strengthening core, upper and lower body
  • Simultaneously work up to 20 muscles in your entire body
  • Place hands shoulder width apart or feet in stirrups to more exercise options
  • Adjustable and secure foot straps and stirrups for quick on/off
  • Comfortable, soft foam grip limits hand fatigue


Dubbed “the Ab Miracle Worker" by Men's Health, the Lifeline Power Wheel engages hips, lower back, obliques and abdominal muscles for the functional strength, balance and correct posture needed for daily activities, work and athletic performance. The patented Lifeline Power Wheel's revolutionary design allows you to place your hands shoulder width apart on the soft foam grips or place your feet in the adjustable foot stirrups allowing for greater body motion and workout versatility. The design utilizes more range of motion than traditional ab rollers or traditional core exercises to allow for more exercises for the moderate to a very advanced user. Move in any direction or hold positions to develop body control and hit stabilizer muscles during upper and lower body moves all while targeting core muscles. By allowing you to move in more than one plane of motion, functional training increases strength, improves balance and decreases your risk of injury when compared to fixed form movement. Using this Lifeline Power Wheel, in conjunction with functional training, will assist in increasing joint mobility and stability as well as developing more efficient motor patterns. Exercise option examples include pushups, crawls, pickups, leg lifts, leg curls, ab roll outs, crawls and knee to chest movements (Many more exercise options).
  • Place feet in stirrups for complete body workout versatility
  • Move in any direction to target all core muscles
  • Utilize more range of motion than traditional core exercises
  • Walk or hold positions to develop balance and body control
  • Hit stabilizer muscles during upper and lower body moves, Exercises for the moderate to very advanced user

Workout Focus

Upper Body Training

Challenge your core, oblique, and glutes

Lower Body Training

Pedal provides intense workout versatility 

Core Training

Adjustable secure straps and stirrups for quick on and off

See the Power Wheel in action

Train with the Power Wheel

Leg Curls

Alligator Push Ups

Plank Hold

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