Lifeline Progression Roller


  • Provide variable pressure to address joint and muscle pain
  • Perform deep tissue self-massage and increase blood flow to muscles
  • Improve flexibility and joint range of motion
  • EVA foam cover for comfort
  • Durable core for safe, long-lasting effectiveness


Speed your recovery and improve your fitness level with this muscle rehabilitation tool that features three different surfaces (flat, ridged and pointed) to allow for a variety of applications—from pressure point targeting to deep tissue massage—on an array of body parts. Crafted with a foam exterior and PVC core to be both lightweight and firm, this model is 13" long to be perfect for travel.
  • Stretch muscles + tendons through self-massage
  • Address flexibility + joint range of motion
  • Assist in developing core strength + stability as well as body balance + alignment

Workout Focus

Provide variable pressure

Address joint and muscle pain

Increases blood flow

Perform deep tissue self-massage to muscles

Improves flexibility

Improves joint range of motion

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