The Step Small Exercise Mat

SKU: F1099

  • Thick Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is 13” x 36” and features a .5” thick cushioning that provides optimal comfort and support during your workout routines. An excellent choice for yoga, and Pilates!
  • Exercise Mats for Home Workout: Perfect for home use, this mat works perfectly with Step branded aerobic steps. The non-slip surface also makes it ideal as a kneeling pad.
  • Gym Mats for Home Gym: Transform your home into a personal gym with this mat. It is durable enough to withstand heavy gym equipment and high-intensity workouts, protecting your floors and body.
  • Kids Yoga Mat: This mat is also suitable for children. It's .5" thick padding ensures a soft landing for children as they learn and practice yoga, promoting physical fitness from a young age.
  • Easy to Clean Yoga Mats: After a hard home workout, you can easily clean this yoga mat with a damp cloth. Its material is designed to prevent absorption of sweat and maintaining hygiene.


Introducing The Step Small Exercise Yoga Mat, a premium brand product known for its superior quality and durability. This yoga mat's thick design makes it an ideal choice for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this thick exercise mat offers the perfect balance of comfort and stability during your yoga and workout routines. Crafted with high-density foam, this is a yoga mat thick enough to provide excellent cushioning to support your body during any exercise. It is designed to pair perfectly with Step Branded aerobic steps, giving you balance and durability unmatched in the industry. It is an ideal exercise mats for home workout or even for a home gym. The thick material ensures durability and longevity, making it the perfect gym mats for home gym. Our yoga mats are not just for adults; they also make great kids yoga mat. The thickness provides a soft, comfortable surface for kids to sit, stand, kneel, or tumble, making it perfect for their playtime or beginner yoga sessions. This yoga mat's compact size and lightweight design make it easy to roll up and carry anywhere. It is perfect for home workouts, gym workouts, yoga sessions, and even outdoor exercises. One of the best features of our yoga mats for home workout is its easy-to-clean surface. After your workout or yoga session, you can easily clean the mat with a damp cloth and mild soap, letting it air dry. When it comes to fitness, The Step not only believes in providing top-quality products but also in promoting a healthy lifestyle. From yoga to workouts, our mats are designed to provide the perfect surface for all your exercise needs. Invest in The Step Exercise Yoga Mat and enjoy a comfortable, safe, and clean workout experience. Suitable for yoga, workout, exercise, gym, and fitness activities. It's the perfect mat for you and your kids. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle with The Step.

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