Lifeline TNT All-in-One Resistance Cable System


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  • Anchor creates diverse workout for lateral, back and side exercises
  • Lightweight, portable alternative to free weights and machines
  • Controlled load great for targeting muscles and injury rehab
  • Innovative patented cable pocket design for resistance customization
  • Bands are made from durable latex rubber to prevent breakage

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Without damaging doors or moldings, add variety to your resistance training with the TNT Cable System featuring a movable plastic door anchor and self-centering cradle that allows you to work your full body in multiple planes and to use dynamic exercises like twists, punches and chops to build balanced muscles and increased flexibility. The ergonomically designed handles allow for quick and easy cable changing to vary resistance levels depending on fitness levels and the muscle targeted for continued strength, endurance and performance gains. Includes one Instructional download or DVD.
  • Interchange cables in seconds
  • Handles hold up to 3 cables at once
  • Lightweight and portable alternative to free weights and machines
  • Includes door anchor to mount most places
  • Target muscles throughout entire movement

Workout Focus

Upper Body Training

Develop stronger and more powerful chest, shoulder, back, and arms muscles with presses, curls, rows, and extensions

Lower Body Training

Boost thigh, glue, hamstring, and calf power with squats and lunges


TNT Cable System

All-In-One Versatile Resistance Trainer

Move from 40lb - 120lb peak weighted resistance by adding or removing cables with Lifeline’s patented progressive resistance system, use for upper body, core, and lower body exercises.


  • 3PCS Lifeline R4 - 40lb Resistance Cables - 5ft
  • Triple Grip Handles
  • Door Anchor


Progressive Layering Technology™

Our layered latex is super-strong and more durable than common extruded tubing.

  • Maintains Maximum Resistance Longer
  • Smooth Resistance Through Entire Move


Quickly Change from 40 LB to 120 LB Peak Resistance by Adding or Removing Cables

Progressive Resistance System

Build a custom cable system

  • Select Your Cables - 10LB to 100LB color coded cables
  • Select Your Handles - Patented handles allow cable interchange
  • Accessorize Your System - Enchance your resistance training

See the TNT in action

Train with TNT

Step Back Lunges

Chest Press

Shoulder Press

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